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Third Person Plural

This song is by Solefald and appears on the album Neonism (1999).

Ambassador on earth Mr. Stardust
Feels somewhat lost on his quest for the lust
Debonair diplomat seeks uninhibited space
Out of the million city a peaceful face

It's a man's garage the parts lie on the floor
The mystic rebuilt the car the mechanic hit the door
Humiliated father lover friend
So many names for the Children of the End

Where have all the women gone
Through time through space humanity be one
The on-going fight between mine and yours
Transhistorial cause of all wars

The Golden Gun judges Bond judges Mr. M
I judge you s/he judges them
Where you can't find humility you won't find me
From the room of reflection staring at the sea

Show the sole of your shoe to a Muhammadan
He'll wish you off to Satanistan
Thus as a good Christian Catholic or Jew
Say thankyah very much I've got something for you

Your mother's a goal she cries for every ball
Ramming past the poles her cunt the local mall
Everybody's welcome to her Disneyland of vice
Twice as many visitors and half the price

At the age of twelve she got addicted to cock
The advanced to a musem digging dinosaur rock
Turned to audition for Jurassic Park
Kidnapped Mr. Rex and disappeared in the dark

Governed by a nation whose language I don't know
Where have all the women gone?
Through time through space humanity be one
Break the row fly above then chech below

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