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This song is by Solefald and appears on the album Neonism (1999).

("Flourescent" half)

(Gaia sips the drink of artificial red
Carefully served by a fluorescent sky

She swallows the light
Only to throw up shadows minutes later
On a broken public toilet

Inside her
The neonism is fed until it burst with colour
Unleashing the brightest shadow of all times

In the street
Metallic streams wash the concrete shores
Gaia is wet and sick
But she doesn't care anymore

Hair sticks to her face as she screams
Being absorbed by colours

Now she's the brightest one of all
But no one's there to see)

("The Total Orchestra" half)

A noise is released; high-pitched
Voices, the rumbling of tin and
Machines, devilish decibels

Open my eyes, see what I expected; red
Melted plastic, yellow neon, pompous sunset over Lucky Beach

When everything abates at last
The universal glue cements wrong
To true, keeps
The tongues in place
The weightlessness from life
The total orchestra concluded

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