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Solas (1996)

Solas - Solas


  1. Níl 'na Lá
  2. The Flowing Bowl/Máire Breatnach's #1/The Doon/The Mason's Men
  3. The White Petticoat/Stan Chapman's/The Miller's Maggot
  4. I Wonder What's Keeping My True Love Tonight
  5. The Yellow Tinker/Cranking Out/Master Crowley's #2
  6. Crested Hens
  7. Johnny's Gone for a Soldier
  8. Dougie MacDonald's/Máire Breathnach's #2/The Antrim Rose/Atlantic Wave/Toss The Feathers
  9. The Newry Highwayman
  10. Gan Ainm/The Humours Of Whiskey/Leslie's March
  11. Sliabh Geal gCua na Féile
  12. Lament For Frankie
  13. Timmy Clifford's/The Return Home/O'ot Be Est Da Vong/John Joe Casey's

Sunny Spells & Scattered Showers (1997)

Solas - Sunny Spells & Scattered Showers

Sunny Spells & Scattered Showers

  1. The Wind That Shakes The Barley
  2. The Big Reel Of Ballynacally/The High Hill/Flash Away The Pressing Gang
  3. Aililiu Na Gamhna
  4. Tom Busby's/James O'Byrne's/The Four Posts Of The Bed
  5. Paddy Taylors/McFadden's Handsome Daughter/The Narrowback/Franks Reel/Esther's Reel
  6. The Unquiet Grave
  7. The Maid On The Shore
  8. Song Of The Kelpie
  9. Mom's Jig/Bill Nicholson's 67th
  10. The Primrose Lass/Molly From Longford/The Four Kisses
  11. Vanished Like The Snow
  12. The Kilnamona Barndance/Give The Girl Her Fourpence/My Maryanne
  13. Adieu Lovely Nancy

The Words That Remain (1998)

Solas - The Words That Remain

The Words That Remain

  1. Pastures of Plenty
  2. The Stride Set: The Stride/Tom Doherty's/The Contradiction/Viva Galicia
  3. The Waking up Set: The Carillons/Waking up in Wonderful Wark/Chris Droneys
  4. The Grey Selchie
  5. Song of Choice
  6. La Bruxa
  7. I Am A Maid That Sleeps In Love
  8. The Vega Set: The Banks of Lough Gowna/The Gaelic Club/Vega Mandolin
  9. A Chomaraigh Aoibhinn Ó
  10. Sproggies Set: Sproggies Reel/Up All Night/Weaving Dreams
  11. The Beauty Spot: O'Dowds/The Beauty Spot/Jessie over the Bridge/Hughie's Ca
  12. Sráid an Chloig

The Hour Before Dawn (2000)

Solas - The Hour Before Dawn

The Edge Of Silence

  1. Bheadh Buachaillín Deas Ag Síle
  2. Granny Quinn's/The Lilac Reel/Sporting Pat
  3. Last Of The Great Whales
  4. A Little Child
  5. A Miner's Life
  6. What's Up With Win/Sonny Brogan's/Cahal's Jig
  7. When My Love And I Parted
  8. Homeless
  9. Boy/Girl Tune
  10. Bruach Na Carraige Báine
  11. Bonnie Mae
  12. The New Custom House/The Flavor Of The Month/The Tinker's Daughter/Dogs Among The Bushes/Pinch Of Snuff
  13. I Will Remember You

The Edge Of Silence (2002)

Solas - The Edge Of Silence

The Edge of Silence

  1. Darkness, Darkness
  2. Charmy Chaplin
  3. Prelude #1/Black Annis
  4. Who's in the What Now
  5. Dignity
  6. The Poisonjester's Mask
  7. Maybe in a Prayer
  8. Beck Street
  9. Clothes of Sand
  10. Prelude #2/Georgia Lee

Another Day (2003)

Solas - Another Day

Another Day

  1. Bird in the Tree
  2. Scarecrow's Dream
  3. I Wandered by a Brookside
  4. It's Still Raining / Carlisle Street Reels
  5. Just You
  6. The Highlands of Holland
  7. All That You Ask Me
  8. Maire Mhilis Bhrea
  9. The Wiggly Jigs
  10. This Love Will Carry
  11. Seoladh na nGamhna
  12. Another Day

Waiting For An Echo (2005)

Solas - Waiting For An Echo

Waiting For An Echo

  1. The Hanover Reel/John James' Reel/The Copperplate
  2. The Silver Dagger
  3. Tom Sullivan's/Mick's Polka/The Newmarket Polka
  4. On A Sea Of Fleur De Lis
  5. The Night Visit
  6. The Coconut Dog/Morning Dew
  7. Doireann's Waltz
  8. Lowground
  9. The Ballerina Jig
  10. Erin
  11. The Ploughman
  12. Steven Campbell's/The Road To Ringussoon/The Bag Of Beer
  13. Mi Pequeña Estrella (Little Star)

For Love and Laughter (2008)

Solas - For Love and Laughter

For Love and Laughter

  1. Eoin Bear's Reel / Tune for Sharon / The Rossa Reel
  2. Seven Curses
  3. Tilly's Jig / The Happy Traveler
  4. Mollaí na gCuach Ní Chuilleanáin
  5. Merry Go Round
  6. Sunday's Waltz / Solo Double Oh
  7. Vital Mental Medicine / The Pullet
  8. Sailor Song
  9. There Is a Time
  10. John Riordan's Heels / Hoban's White House / The Lisnagun Jig
  11. The Gallant Hussar
  12. My Dream of You

The Turning Tide (2010)

Solas - The Turning Tide

The Turning Tide

  1. Hugo's Big Reel
  2. The Ditching Boy
  3. The Crows Of Killimer/Box Reel # 2/Boys Of Malin/The Opera House
  4. A Girl In The War
  5. A Waltz For Mairead
  6. Ghost Of Tom Joad
  7. A Sailor's Life
  8. Grady Fernando Comes To Town
  9. Sadhbh Ní Bhruineallaigh
  10. Trip To Kareol
  11. Sorry
  12. A Tune For Roan

Other Songs

  1. Dougie MacDonald's/Máire Breathnach's
  2. The Crows Of Killimer/Box Reel
  3. The Flowing Bowl/Máire Breatnach's
  4. The Yellow Tinker/Cranking Out/Master Crowley's

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