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Louder! (2017)

Sofia Reyes - Louder!


  1. Muévelo (featuring Wisin)
  2. De Aquí a la Luna
  3. Solo Yo
  4. Don't Mean a Thing
  5. Your Voice
  6. Puedes Ver Pero No Tocar
  7. Louder! (Love Is Loud) (featuring Francesco Yates and Spencer Ludwig)
  8. Llegaste Tú (featuring Reykon)
  9. Conmigo (Rest of Your Life)
  10. Girls
  11. Paraiso
  12. How to Love (Spanish Version) by Cash Cash (featuring Sofia Reyes)


Other Songs

  1. R.I.P.
  2. Bittersweet

Additional information

Artist information:

B. 25 September 1995

Real name:

Sofia Reyes is a performance name for Úrsula Sofía Reyes Piñeyro.

Years active:

Since 2010


Record labels:

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