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This song is by SoGreatandPowerful and And The Rainfall.

The fabric between your hooves, an extension of you, flows
Singing pretty melodies under the sun you know
As you move along the plane, it's the love
That will keep you in the game

You couldn't be more proud
You fix your eyes on brighter sights
And you give, and you give
The seams are holding together your dreams...
There are holes in everything!


Bend your legs into this dirt
Let's understand dirt,
Let's find where dirt hurts
Royal curls, that's what they called you, girl
Let's understand curls,
Let's find where-

(Oh, you call this thing a heart
Baby, there's something that's worse than dirt
Consumed by selfish thoughts
"Save me", you call to the girl you hurt
Oh, you call this courtly love
Baby, you sure got a lot to learn
Used to be so beautiful
Makes me sad to see you alone)


Now things are looking up!
Every stitch brings you closer
Each piece a new frame to build upon
The foundations of castles that fall from the sky

But hold still!
There's an echo standing guard at your wake
Be still!
Do you want the hues to be swapped again?
Before you know it it'll be time to rearrange!

Tiempo tras tu partida
Qué orgullo mirar atrás y ver el trabajo de tu vida
Crecer sobre lo que se quedó atrás
Cuéntame de tus amigas
Cuéntame sobre cuando su historia se dio por vencida
Y el querer sucumbió ante el querer volar

Tales of old love hang from the hems of your dresses
Tell me, is there a way to recover
The luster lost somewhere along the way?
Tell me, what happened to harmony?
Generosity used to radiate beauty;
Excited states of fabulous energy!


It is this life she wants, these are the friends she loves
You find they are good ones, make this the best ever


Tightly with a double thread, each stitch knotted
If I am on the table stick me with a needle
I keep your hoofsies warm, restore my woof and warp
This matter is so supple, take me for example

A pattern or a puzzle, Riemann or Rapunzel
Shapeless without a body

If you only knew what all this cost
What she gave up just to save her art
What is fashion, fashion without love?
Like an odradek, a spool without purpose
There are holes in every last dress


Do you not like this color?

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