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S2 Pt. 2

This song is by SoGreatandPowerful, features bbctol and appears on the album S2 (2012).

When Discord reigns
And Discord's rain is similar to Tay Zonday's
It's easy to say things should always stay the same
And never change, when your enemy's an ever-changing
Draconequus or queen of the changelings,
It makes sense to say we should stick to the same things,
Stay singing the same songs as when we came in
After all we've already made friends.

I'm talking about season two.
Lauren Faust had found some reasons to
Leave, and Jayson Thiessen we believed in you,
Of course, sort of, you seemed a decent dude...
But more than just the changes
To the show-runners, so they're strangers, so what?
More important are the ponies we know and love
Who suddenly somehow seem to be growing up. (What?)
Suddenly, seemingly the lessons
At the end of every episode threatened the very essence
Of the ponies in question, who would never be the same.
Can Fluttershy not be shy? It's in her name!

But that's just how the story has to be.
That's a splash of cold reality,

'Cause even when you know it's hard to be,
You've got to always be in harmony
With the facts
Of your situation.
Embracing the truth
Of your own limitations
And facing the proof
That the only way to make it in the crazy lonely world
Is to take the things about yourself
That make you want to doubt yourself and change them.
You can't be everypony and you can't do everything,
But you can show that you know that the only way to grow
Is to go where no pony else can go, so...

The pony who showed us what swagger meant
Can stay badass but be a little less arrogant,
But remain so passionate,
Retain a hold of her Rainbow Dash-iness.
And Pinkie Pie'll put a smile upon every face
While knowing sometimes every pony needs their space
And you're supposed to leave a place to be alone,
Supposed to always respect boundaries, except the fourth wall.
And Rarity can get some mud in her mane
And her embarrassing sister will still love her the same,
And Fluttershy's name can lose the shy but not the flutter
And she'll stay fuzzy cuddly and we still love her.
And Sparkle still studies but can also relax,
'Cause she's passing all her classes and should really lean back,
And her dragon was maturing can be really awful hard,
And Applejack doesn't need to learn a gosh-darn thing! (I was right all along!)

In the end,
You can change all you need but you gotta stay a friend
'Cause there's a difference between changing with the times
And turning out to be a changeling in disguise!
And trying to grow too fast will have you talking fancy
And that's all a part of the plan of John de Lancie.
Trying to force love will have you talking shmoopy-pie
Relying on the past will have you talking Luna style.
So rely on the harmony taught
In the show we all know we never thought we would watch
And know the mark on your plot is the start of the pro-
Cess of figuring out who you are and are not.
Us too! Season two, bronies blew up!
And bronies grew up. Used to only do stuff on our own
Now we notice that we're on the news, but
Some ponies still hating, gotta show them some love.
If they try it and don't like it then leave them be,
But if you love it, no need to do it secretly,
Come along with SoGreatandPowerful and me,
And we'll see you on the other side of season three.


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