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E40 (Faithful And Strong)

This song is by SoGreatandPowerful and appears on the album S2 (2012).

So she's not much for speeches
The farthest reaches of her will
Measures a heart, faithful and strong
As strong as it needs to be
And it needs to be mended when broken by a promise untrue
She writes to you
"Don't worry
Don't worry now
Oh, don't worry
Don't worry now"
Our bushel just lost one apple

All things, all things are wanting of a place to call their only universe
So force it if you must
It's a long long way over for a ten-timer
Can't this train run any faster?
Girl, they'll cheer us on
Girl, we'll wow them all
It's a long, long layover, it's a mare's world
She can't stop just yet, she's a scared girl
They will come and save you
From this freedom thrust upon your name

Do right by me
Do right, we expect big things
Do right for me
Do right, I'll be here waiting

Where has elder sister gone?
Back to the desert
Where has elder sister gone?
Back to the desert...

To every feat a ribbon
Every shore a sea
I will not take them all, my dear
Only what belongs to me
This is your consolation: always a next year
I've always depended on the kindness of strangers

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