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This song is by Snuff Pop Inc..

Take a good look at victims ahead
Put your foot on the burning gun

No one from here to hell to fear
When road hog's pounding lead in the pit
Hit'n'run formula, fish'n'cut bait
Highway Code crammed under my bumper

Straight outa Highway 95
Sporty young kid rolling on a red carpet
I'm your revival!

There's no tracheotomy can stop this gas pollution
Gate bills plastered on my windows
Raise Cain in the lane!
No one's paying much attention when everything is falling apart
Stiffs and empty witness stands
Rubber on roadkill under a doomsday weapon on wheels

Keep an eye out for victims ahead

Keep your foot on the burning gun

I am your sanitary inspector
I am your social disinfectant
Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof (2X)
I'm Jim Dandy Crow
The quiz master of the show
My stop lights never glow
Frozen blood don't flow

DBS on a bottle of JD
REM in wakeful condition
Red furrowed asphalt down the shoulder
Rubber on roadkill under a doomsday weapon on wheels

I'm sanitary, I'm disinfectant, I'm sanitary

All Snuff Pop Inc. music and lyrics written by Ant Mozart Khadaffi

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