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Tha Dogg In Me

This song is by Snoop Dogg.

Would you be with me if I had nothing?

Wuddup tho? Niggas and niggettes, this yo boy
Big Snoop D-O-double G
Comin' at yo ass with That's My Work Volume 2
If you don't you work, you don't eat
Yes sir, yes sir
Coming at you live and direct with this motherfuckin gangsta music mane
You thought I was gone?
No, I'm back on my shit mane
Can't stop, won't stop
Volume two
You don't you work, you don't eat
That's My Work, let's go

Y'all ready?
Oh yeah
Lil something for 2013 on yo ass
Still going strong
Oh yeah
Nothing but the dogg in me nigga

Have you ever seen a Venus and Serena?
Baby wanna smoke with her, she gotta pop a green one
Hand on my Nina, leanin' in my beamer
No time for sleep 'cause nothing comes to dreamers
All I'm bout is getting it, east side reppin' it
Shout out to my homies in the hood that's on a different shit
Scrambled like I'm Robert Griff
Gon keep on drivin' it
Walk up in the strip club,
These hoes is steady poppin' it
I'm a cribglomerate
I get what Obama get
Could've been yo daddy boy 'cause I know where yo mama live
Put the kids to bed, take a bleezy to the head
Yeah, that's what the homie said

Word of mouth, the streets talkin'
I'm in the C-Town, dickin' down the sea hawk
She love the way a G talk, conversation, demonstration
Hit er with that street walk

Yeah man
I know you thought
You thought you thought huh?
I ain't went nowhere homie
I gotta stay true to what I do, ya dig?

Back up on my good foot, feelin' like an actor
Back in '88, sold yogurt out the wrapper
Then I became a rapper
Money up front but I guide it up to back er
New shoes, new clothes
All for the fuck of it
Played my cards right so it's safe to say I struck it rich
Givin' back, takin' care of everybody
I'm doin' bad, homie don't you worry 'bout it
Walk the walk and try to talk the talk
I'm tryin' to give you more than just food for thought
If you movin while you grooving
Hopin' that you won't get caught
Never let 'em know about it
Only let 'em hear about it
Hit that paper, read about it

Word of mouth, the streets talkin'
I'm in the D-Town, droppin' off a sea hawk
Hit her with some G talk
And slide off with that east side long beach sea walk, ya dig?

That's my work
I'm in overtime mode
You call this time and a half
Snoop, Drama

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