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LBC and The ING

This song is by Snoop Dogg.

Featuring Snoop Dogg

(Snoop Dogg talking)

Hahaha yeah.

You're about to witness something you never thought you'd witness


Check this out.

(Snoop Dogg)

Welcome to the house the D O double G built

We got honey cream silk and milk

We make that big bank and keep that big shank

Just in case we get slapped into the home we take

Nigga don't think Dogg slips at all

I make chips for crips and the beat dogs

True niggas, do niggas, hey you niggas

Can't get with us 'cause we rip shit up

It's Mack Dime, and D-O dub

Here's a toast to the most, westcoast love

Fo sho though, I let you know from the get go

Pullin on my endo, rollin' through the Wood with my kin dog

(Mack 10)

Not De La Soul, but fresh on parole

Now it's all about the hustle with the pebbles on swole

I'm know to the peoples as the Inglewood swanger

Been rollin' gold Danas since a BG banger

It's a dog eat dog world in the city that I'm claimin

And niggas say we bangin' 'cause our colors be flamin

But I'd rather push crack, let the bank roll stack

I show Snoop how to whoop and then I front him a sack

(Snoop Dogg)

Nigga better blue tennis shoes tidy, with our body

As I fall into the Mack 10 listenin party

Got greeted by some niggas who I never knew

Cold thing about it is that the niggas kept it true

Inglewood family is what they claim to bang

Street Rue and Maddog, I think that was his name

But anyway, what can I say?

Oh by the way, it's anybody 'kay?

So when you in LA, or nigga round my way

Give me a holler on the 310 or 213, yeah

Long Beach, with the ING

(Mack 10)

I'm makin' green in the rap scene from coast to coast

And rollin' three wheel motion from the woods to the ocean

See Snoop and Tray Dee in the LBC

And wasn't nobody trippin', just cool as can be

No harm up in (?) so the hatas got bigger

But they figure platinum niggas keep a gold plated trigger

And that's fo sho though, you know how it go

Jump in the low low and bang with the homies, fuck a hoe

So keep away crack and leave your bullet proof vest

Dogg there ain't no need for that, we headed west to the QS

Game recognize game, and it always should

It's all good and you niggas got a passion, Inglewood

Whoever trip get caught up in the middle like Monie

That's on the one and only I keep the big homies for the phonies

So let it be known, from my hood to your town

That connect game niggas is straight down with the Pound

(Snoop Dogg)

Now all my peoples in the LBC pull up a chair and have a dime bag on me

See we be DPGin this, we in this thang to make hits and bump a

Bitch and maintain

'Cause the more better you get, the more cheddar you get

The more shit you talk, the more wet up you get

See, I found out quick, don't say shit

Just take care of yours, and handle it quick

Yeah, it don't stop for Biggie or Tupac

Niggas been gettin' shot on my block

But we got to make a change and the thang is this

I keep my heater by my seater just in case y'all twist

But I wish upon a star

To stay down with Mack Dime, pushin caviar

The real recognize the real, I'll kill for that nigga

ING DPG, deal with it nigga, for real

(Snoop Dogg)

They live on the streets, and they hustle for fame

Some claim twenty crip but most claim insane

See it's not a lifestyle, it's a full time job

And if you live in Long Beach, it's like a macabre

>From blunt to blunt, everybody's bad

And if you don't know where you at you better tuck in your rag

Push heat on the street, with Chuck D's on his feet

Makin' money slangin tapes up out the Compton swap meet

(Mack 10)

Up jumps the boogie some niggas gang bang

So keep a big steel if it's a real G Thang

But I kick back, relax, count hundreds by the stacks

And keep the yay on the stove till the whole key cracks

Ain't a busta in the crew, so I'm callin all hogs

It's connect gang rollin' with the Pound and Snoop Dogg

And everythang all gravy like it's 'posed to be

It's Long Beach with the Ingle dub O-O-D city

[Hook] (till fade)


Written by:

Calvin Broadus; Kenton Nix; Dedrick D'Mon Rolison

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