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I'm Fly

This song is by Snoop Dogg.

3 piece wit a mink
Gotta think my shit's staying stacy Adams
Wit a Jay Crockett pad on dey cuff
On brinks
So wut da ladies wink'in
You da one in the mercedes
Shotgun wit dem things
Couch chillin' watchin da lion king
Crying and thangs
'Cause I'm wit snoop and nate
Singing rhyming and things
I'm out late 'cause I'm rhyming for change
I ain't wit dimes for thangs
Hop back and I'm trying ta aim
At everythang, dat be hating my fame
Just regulatin been lacing da game
Ain't no mistake in da game
2 one mother f'er dwizzle sippin on da sizzle
And dat's fo' sizzle
Fo times for da riddles
You we is bar
Everywhere we go you noe who us are
You could tell by da car
Champagne caviar
Bubble bath
I say I love you
And I laugh

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