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Come Around My Way

This song is by Snoop Dogg.

Come around my way!
Come around my way!

Let's go or stay, everything's a holiday,
Everything's a holiday,
You should come around my way!
Let's go or stay, everything's a holiday,
Already know that you won't play,
But you will come around my way.

I fall up in this beat so quick!
Happy birthday!
Celebrate, drink up, get your cake up,
Maybe pick your make up!
The music is cranking,
I blew one..., had the whole speed,
It's spanking!
... I'm thinking!
Flammable, fable, ...
Interchangeable and available, baby,
Mission, intermission, ...
Blond bitches from... and
God have mercy!
Baby girl, please...

I'll party like Mick Jagger,

I'll go get him!
My Nigger, I'm gonna go get him!
What could leave the room?
See that trick right there?
That leads to the swimming pool.
I've got...
Baby say no, can we strip, can we...?
Talk to me baby, show me your world!
...I'll call you a snow girl!
Game over!
These are the pimp...
Let me lay there, there's no linguistics!
Good girl with some bad...

It's my birthday, so break my gifts off!
Computers screens and booty greens,
Doggy Dog is the king; maybe I'll vote you the queen.
I'm much meaner than...
Cause this is a D.P.G.C party.
Happy birthday!

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