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A Message 2 Fat Cuzz

This song is by Snoop Dogg and appears on the album Paid tha Cost to Be da Bo$$ (2002).

Ya, uh
I was once told
You get your freedom
By letting your enemy know that
You'll do anything to get your freedom
Then you'll get it
It's the only way you'll get it
When you get that kind of attitude
They'll label you as a crazy negro
Or they just call you a crazy nicca
They don't say negro
Or they'll call you an extremist
Or a subversive
Or a setatus
Or a red or radical
But when you stay radical long enough
And get enough people to like you
You'll get your freedom
So don't rum around here
Tryin' to make friends
With somebody whos deprivin'
You of your rights
Their not your friends
NO... they ya enemys
And treat them like that
And fight them
And you'll get your freedom
And after you get your freedom
Your enemy will respect you, and will respect you
And I say that with no hate
'Cause I don't have no hate in me
I have no hate at all
So I say to you, Big Man
I'm the man you think you are
If you want to know what ill do
Figure out what you'll do
And ill do the same
Only more of it NICCA
(Damn... shit)
Oh it ain't over muthafuccaz

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