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Shake Your Boogie (1979)

Snooky Pryor - Shake Your Boogie

Shake Your Boogie

  1. Shake Your Boogie
  2. Bottle up & Go
  3. You Don't Know My Name
  4. Bluebird Blues
  5. Can't Love Me & Homesick Too
  6. Baby Left Me a Mule to Ride
  7. Jump & Shout
  8. Gonna Have a Good Time
  9. So Sweet
  10. Crazy 'Bout You

Snooky (1987)

Snooky Pryor - Snooky


  1. Broke and Hungry
  2. Nine Below Zero
  3. Judgement Day
  4. Why You Want to Do Me Like That
  5. It Hurts Me Too
  6. Look What You Do to Me
  7. Cheatin' and Lyin'
  8. Crazy 'Bout My Baby
  9. Key to the Highway
  10. That's the Way to Do It
  11. Money and Women
  12. Don't Worry Bout Me

Back to the Country (1991)

Johnny Shines & Snooky Pryor - Back to the Country

Back to the Country

  1. Trouble in Mind
  2. Corrine Corrina
  3. Cool Driver
  4. They're Red Hot
  5. Crossroads
  6. Lost a Good Woman
  7. Evening Sun
  8. Peace in Hell
  9. Send Your Man to War
  10. Come on in My Kitchen
  11. Blues Come to Texas
  12. Moon Is Rising
  13. Hey, Ba-Ba-Re-Bop
  14. Terraplane
  15. I Make You Happy

Too Cool to Move (1992)

Snooky Pryor - Too Cool to Move

Too Cool to Move

  1. Keyhole in Your Door
  2. Can I Be Your Friend
  3. Bottle It up and Go
  4. Hold Me in Your Arms
  5. Don't You Want to Know
  6. Cheatin' and Lyin'
  7. Walkin' With Snooky
  8. Fire, Fire
  9. Coal Black Mare
  10. Lovin' You Is Killin' Me
  11. Boogie Twist
  12. My Baby Been Gone
  13. Please Be Careful

Mind Your Own Business (1997)

Snooky Pryor - Mind Your Own Business

Mind Your Own Business

  1. Mind Your Own Business
  2. Come on Down to My House
  3. Goin' Back to Arkansas
  4. Motty and Me
  5. I'm So Glad
  6. You Set Me Free
  7. Miss Fanny Brown
  8. Good or Bad Times
  9. Shake Your Boogie
  10. Diggin' My Potatoes
  11. No More Monkey Business
  12. Little Brown Hen

Other Songs

  1. Bottle Up And Go
  2. Sloppy Drunk

Additional information

Artist information:

b.1921, d.2006

  • Occupation: musician, carpenter, soldier
  • Instruments: vocals, blues harp, harmonica, bugle

Real name:

Snooky Pryor is a performance name for James Edward Pryor.

Years active:



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