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This song is by Snitch and appears on the album Hoist the Sails (2001).

It's Friday night and he's going out
Drinks 2 beers and leaves the house
Starts the car and drives downtown

Picks his friends up on the way
After a long hardworking day
They're pleased it's over

They all want to forget about work
And sooner or later they will
It all depends on how much they drink
There might be a fight, another fight tonight

Broken bottles everywhere
Watch your back he's got a chair
They all run riot
No weapons anywere
Just fistfighting, but beware
They all run riot

The bar's a wreck, but they need
More another fight, 'cause life's a bore
Get in the car and get out there

Drinking beer along the way
Heading straight out of the bay
That's where the fights are

Everyone out there is ready to fight
They're angry and ready to go
It doesn't matter who's side you're on
There's gonna be a fight, another fight tonight

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