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Cruise out of Control

This song is by Slave to the System.

Yeah, turn it on! (Yeah)
Cruise out of control
Yeah, turn it on

Turn it on
Down in your soul
Yeah, turn it on

I don't mean to bug you
But you see I got to wake it all up, yeah
You seem a bit stuck
Kind of left out in all your doubts
I see you running, running in circles
It doesn't seem to hurt though
So here's one more gift
One last kiss for luck

I'm on cruise out of control
Turn it on down in your soul
My denial will make this last forever
So I'm on cruise out of control

Just to remind you all of the old news
Can't walk away from this
Can we find it on time
To move on our way
So we might resist this
Yet all we can say of all we have saved
One more day, one last wish

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