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The Punx

This song is by Slapstick and appears on the album Lookit! (1995) and on the album Slapstick (1997).

I love playin' the Sunday game
Every Sunday afternoon is always the same
If everything turns out all right
X's on our eyes Sunday night
Causin trouble up to no good
We're the rowdy PUNX in our neighborhood
And I shouldn't be havin' fun. no
KEEP ON DRINKIN' I don't give a shit about us anyway
WE'RE THE PUNX we're drinkin' our lives away
Late drinkin' Sunday night
Hide a bottle in the park out of sight or drinkin' in my car
Erix probe is a mobile bar with a 40 OZ in the drivers seat
We're throwin' up all over the street
But when all is said and done, you gotta...

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