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Digital Analog

This song is by Skyzoo and Illmind and appears on the album Live from the Tape Deck (2010).

Live from the TDK
I'm untwisting the side, from the B to the A
The one pivotal spot
The uninhibited knock
Never put me in ya box if ya shit eats tapes
The most lustrous
Penner the penners to pen it down
To come up since
Anyone sitting under a crown
From the jump it's
Better than anyone on the mound
I don't cut shit
It is what is if you hit it now
That's 100 on the pure
100 on the cure
Saw 'em hold back but wanna run to the allure
So I'm critically acclaimed and underrated at the same time
Guessing they was leveling the playing field to stay alive
Bet that
Honestly speaking I ain't expect that
Or the penmanship would've taken a breath back
Prophecy on the last joint and half of you flaked
So I fast forwarded y'all and took it back to the tape
The outcome
More regarded depending upon the audience
Guess it made since to record us in a Delorean
Been on my handin' off
Digital Analog
This is 86' Rakim wit' a flip camera on
To understand it and standing over the unders
They predicted a jog and I ran over they wonders
Marty McFly
And every part of the ride
Was a call from before that they never wanted to find
So this is my last hoo-rah
Before I fully move on
The pen is the but the inspiration grew some
Did it in chains and linked it to where I grew from
Picture pages pretty to most gruesome
The opposite of everything ya fav throw at you
Tape up the top of his tape and tape over dude
And if you can't then all of this is in vain
But if you can
Then rewind all of his up again

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