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As Holly Brook

Like Blood Like Honey (2006)

Holly Brook - Like Blood Like Honey

Like Blood Like Honey

  1. Giving It Up For You
  2. Wanted
  3. What I Wouldn't Give
  4. Like Blood Like Honey
  5. Again & Again
  6. Curious
  7. Saturdays
  8. Heavy
  9. Still Love
  10. All Will Be Forgotten
  11. Cellar Door

O'Dark: Thirty (2010)

O'Dark Thirty

O'Dark: Thirty

  1. It's Raining Again (Smile)
  2. Grey
  3. Man on the Mountaintop
  4. Haunted
  5. Dry (I'm Your River)
  6. Ordinary Tune
  7. Falling Out of View

As Skylar Grey

Dance Without You (2011) Single

Skylar Grey - Dance Without You

Dance Without You

  1. Dance Without You

Invisible (2011) Single

Skylar Grey - Invisible (Single)

Invisible (Single)

  1. Invisible

The Buried Sessions of Skylar Grey (2012) EP

Skylar Grey - The Buried Sessions of Skylar Grey

The Buried Sessions of Skylar Grey

  1. Love the Way You Lie, Pt. III (Original Demo)
  2. Coming Home, Pt. II
  3. Words

Don't Look Down (2013)

Skylar Grey - Don't Look Down

Don't Look Down

  1. Back From the Dead (featuring Big Sean and Travis Barker)
  2. Final Warning
  3. Wear Me Out
  4. Religion
  5. C'mon Let Me Ride (featuring Eminem)
  6. Sunshine
  7. Pulse
  8. Glow in the Dark
  9. Shit, Man! (featuring Angel Haze)
  10. Clear Blue Sky
  11. Tower (Don't Look Down)
  12. White Suburban
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Natural Causes (2016)

Skylar Grey - Natural Causes

Natural Causes

  1. Intro - Wilderness
  2. Jump
  3. Lemonade
  4. Kill for You
  5. Come Up for Air
  6. Real World
  7. Straight Shooter
  8. Off Road
  9. In My Garden
  10. Moving Mountains
  11. Picture Perfect
  12. We Used to Be Bad
  13. Closer

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  1. Can't Haunt Me (featuring Marilyn Manson)
  2. Stand By Me

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b. 1986

Real name:

Skylar Grey is a performance name for Holly Brook Hafermann.

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