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Fleshwounds (2003)

Skin - Fleshwounds


  1. Faithfulness
  2. Trashed
  3. Don't Let Me Down
  4. Listen To Yourself
  5. Lost
  6. The Trouble With Me
  7. Getting Away With It (re-release)
  8. I'll Try
  9. You've Made Your Bed
  10. As Long As That's True (original release)
  11. Burnt Like You
  12. 'Til Morning
  13. On And On (Japan Bonus Track)

Fake Chemical State (2006)

Skin - Fake Chemical State

Fake Chemical State

  1. Alone In My Room
  2. She's On
  3. Movin'
  4. Just Let The Sun
  5. Purple
  6. Don't Need A Reason
  7. Nothing But
  8. Take Me On
  9. Fooling Yourself
  10. Falling For You

Other Songs

  1. Lost Without You
  2. Tear Down These Houses
  3. You Kill Everything You Love

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Skin is a performance name for Deborah Anne Dyer.

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