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Wind Blo S

This song is by Sitcom and appears on the album Gig Bag (2016).

The wind blows through my window view
We passed around a joint for a round or two
And we drove to the wrong town too

I watched the taillights with my companions
I watched the shop signs through the trees
This one says pepsi-cola, home depot, starbucks coffee

Can I talk about peacefulness?
In a world in which peace don't exist
But we drove to the wrong town
And I made some peace with it
True freedom to me
Is sleeping in on the weekends
When some people's idea of freedom
Is housing their family and feeding them

I have the freedom
To let love haunt me
While some people don't have the freedom
Just to eat what they want to
How do I go on singing
When my life ain't at risk?
And do I confuse peacefulness
With privilege?
From Gig bag, released February 5, 2016
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