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Orange Slice

This song is by Sitcom, features Orion Sun and appears on the album Be The One You Love (2018).

When the morning comes and when the mourning's done
Will the morning birds sound like mourning doves
Does I turn to dust? Must I learn to trust?
If the the brush is lovely enough, ya must
Sweep me up, sweep me up, sweep me up like dust
Treat me like a man not a mountain of crumbs
Don't need to stick around just to broom back to bust
Strong enough to sit calm to become the one I love

Feel like Jacob when they see me in my shoes
See me in the news, nothing's new, how r u
Feel like I might catch fear for the ladder Jacob feels the feels
And wrestles angel, power, or god, or
Father figure figure figure figure figured it out,
No doubt I'm out of bounds, how bout that
How bout that I'm in the clouds, I'm forever napping
Heaven's a place, nothing ever happens

Envy shows his face and runs away laughing
Put laugh track in place of all my rapping
Can only find placements for my tracks at gap kids
They clicked the link by accident
Here's the password to my Macbook
If I pass away, pass out my artwork
I don't want to end up like Arthur
Damn, but I might (I might)

Please roll down my window just a little
I just need some air, I swear, February so cold
Demons in the shadows watching from the stop lights
Run right through those stop signs
Fuck that doubt in your mind
I'm really glad to see ya
Red door, 4 seater (yeah)
Bumpin' Fugees in your speakers
Surround sound like a theater (yeah)
I'm in love with your features
Plus my momma wanna meet ya
I'm fiending for your love
You're my plug, you're my dealer

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