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Ice Water

This song is by Sitcom and appears on the album Gig Bag (2016).

Tables, ladders, chairs
She haunts me from a distance
And I can smell what she is cooking
Ice water in the kitchen

Tables, ladders, and a rock
She taunts me from the top rope
And I curl up in a bloody pose
I pretend to prefer where I am

We can go on without it
We tried to put our finger on it
We just ended up talking about our hands
And the afternoon light rolls in again

Tables, ladders, ice water
The plugged in, but turned off lamp
The afternoon light rolls across my hand
And I can only focus my eyes into a distance
Where she is no longer sitting
'Cause I asked her to join me on this park bench
She was only trying to lend me a hand
But no longer wanted to talk about it

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