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White Lightning

This song is by Sister Machine Gun and appears on the album Metropolis (1997).

Well I wake up in a cold cold sweat
Burn a hole in my skin with my cigarette
But it doesn't hurt 'cause I'm used to pain
And I ain't felt nothing yet
I don't know what to do when any thing goes wrong
Except wander around like I don't belong
Can't take anymore, got no reason to fight
White lightening gonna come down and put out the lights

-Sometimes I can't take all the things that you do to me
I just can't take it, your such a god damn motherfucker
Motherfucker I don't need this shit-

Well I know that hard times have just begun
And I don't think that I have what it takes
To be one of the lies I've heard like a matter of fact
Each turn around something get stabbed in the back
Well the thing that think I don't think
Well I guess that's no reason to get distressed
When I don't think I can take anything else
White lightning comes down and I'm down like the rest

Oh white lightning
White lightning
White lightning
White lightning

-Sometimes I just can't take it anymore I just can't take it
Demons crawling on my back saying shit I don't wanna hear
I just don't wanna hear it
I turn down the lights and I stay quiet
My head in my hands-

Oh white lightning
White lightning
White lightning
White lightning gonna make everything all right

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