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Transient 5 (The Fight Club)

This song is by Sister Machine Gun and appears on the EP Transient 5.2 (2000).

Excuse me, may I have your attention
Don't be fooled by my mind's deception
Use your brain to increase perception
An ounce of smarts is worth a pound of prevention
Understand that modern convention
Is nothing more than public reflection
Upon their own of fear of rejection
Fuck the rule, now live the exception


It's all a mass hallucination
This life we live with hesitation
Afraid our final destination
Will prove to be a deviation
From that ultimate exultation
When heaven shows appreciation
For our good deeds toward men and nations
Hurry up or you'll miss the bus to salvation


Learn to use your intuition
To guide you through the superstition
Of those who live by contradiction
And show affection through affliction
Pointing the finger with such precision
The rest of the world for the demolition
Of family values and moral conviction
Must be tough to hold such a righteous position


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