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This song is by Sister Machine Gun and appears on the album Metropolis (1997).

In my mind you're here now, even though you're far away
And I don't know if I'll even try to make it through today
Regenerate, recirculate, now, 'til my blood runs dry
And I'll never know the things I'm missing 'til the day I die

Well I lied when I said nothing but I don't know what to do

I just think about you
I think about you...
I think about everything you did to me
But, most of all, I need to think about you

In my mind you're everything and I will never know
Why you needed me when I had nowhere else that I could go
Running around in circles now until my legs give out
But I look at the temptation and there's never any doubt

I'm afraid I'm missing little pieces of my soul
But I never had a need for all the things I didn't know
Start from the beginning, now, and tell me everything
'Cause I'm lost without you, I don't think I'd do all this again

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