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This song is by Sister Machine Gun and appears on the album Sins Of The Flesh (1992).

It could bring pain like a ball and chain
Well, this artificial loving got me going insane
She took ? to go way too far
But it matters about as much as tears in the rain
All I wanted was just one more night
Just one more chance to make it through alright
But she fucked in my mind just like old times
And I knew it was still the same
She's my addiction

Coming around to get me again
Well, you think I know better than to trust a friend
She always gets whatever she wants
And I'll be the one that lost in the end
She got no time to waste on someone like me
She doesn't want the responsibility
But as long as I'm there she might as well
Have another go 'cause she knows
She's my addiction

You would think I'd learn my lesson by now
I'd like to kick this habit but I don't know how
'Cause though I know she'll never want me again
I'd like to think she will somehow
Someday someone will take her place
And I might be able to forget her face
But for now all I have is a memory that I wish I could erase
She's my addiction

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