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I've come to you sweet man
Falling on my knees
I've come to you, pretty papa
Falling on my knees
To ask, if you ain't got nobody
Kind darlin', take me please

'Cause I'm a mighty tight woman
I'm a real tight woman, I'm a jack of all trades
I can be yo' sweet woman an' also be yo' slave
I can do things so good
'Til you will swear that I have a halo over me

I hear ev'rybody saying
That I'm tight in ev'rything that I do
I've got all the men cryin'
I'm a broad that never feels blue
All I want is a good man
And I will make him happy too

If you a married man
You ain't got no business here
'Cause when you out with me
I might make yo' wife shed tears
'Cause I'm a mighty tight woman
And there is nothin' that I fear


Written by:

Sippie Wallace

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