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This song is by Simplified and appears on the album Smile (2006).

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It all started with a what's your name,
Come to find you felt the same,
We were dancing in the dark,
And the rain came down but we did not stop,
We had our problems,
Always seemed to solve them,
Even when I was down,
You were always around,

You mean all the world to me, yeah

It was all but paradise,
X's and O's and wild nights,
You were really into me,
Shaking your sugar tree,
I was a you friend,
We found our routine,
You worked a nine to five,
I worked at night but we still made time,
Lots of dinners on the living room floor,
So much we can't afford,
But I got you and you got me,
And that's a whole lot for this big old world

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