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Leave This Place

This song is by Simplified and appears on the album Smile (2006).

Sunshine on my face,
I'm smiling,
Feeling good with you by my side,
Your hand in my hand you're smiling,
Looking back you still know it's low tide,
Words keep rolling,
Off my tongue,
It's getting deep but we're having fun,
Love you have,
Is love I need,
Little scared but I want me some,

Don't know about you,
But I don't want to leave this place,
All alone with you,
No I don't want to leave this place,

High tides coming in we're laughing,
You say stop but I can't help but stare,
Lost your sandles,
And your towel,
I lost something but it's nothing you wear,
Out clothes are soaking wet we're running,
Your eyes are shining in the soft moonlight,
Something about you drives me crazy,
I don't know but it sure feels right

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