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Who I Be

This song is by Silkk The Shocker and appears on the album Charge It 2 Da Game (1998).

Silkk the shocker lyrics

"Who I Be"

(Master P)
Silkk the Shocker after completing your duties
On this Charge it to the Game
You're now ranked the highest soldier in the No Limit army

Master P the colonel, lieutenant, wise, Big V, hope
Prime Suspect, C-Murder, Mac, Fiend, Mia, Serv, Craig B
KLC, Mo.B, and I'm Silkk the Shocker

(Master P)
Fuckin' seven stars, ya heard me
Ain't nobody touching you, soldiers
It's time for you to lead the pack

(Kane and Abel, Mystikal, Gambino's, Tscott)

Give me some mutherfuckin room as I kick open this door, ah!

(See a nigga been waiting on this shit)

Well I'm here now, so you ain't got to wait no fucking more
'Cause I've been running this bitch from New Orleans, to Korea
Ask you ass like Veya, 'Cause I want a million like Aaliyah
Nigga, I got nothing but six triggas, rollin' wit six niggas
Six triggas, run a check on you with six digits
Nigga what you mean. I be quick nigga
Everybody got a heart from the smaller ones, to a big nigga
And y'all know I don't play, Not go on, and I don't stay
See, you know I'm bout G's
Look, cut the blunt open, and lace it wit weed
Cause tonight's the fuckin' night
When I get down and fuckin' dirty to earn me some stripes
At first it's going to be kinda hard to shallow

(MasterP:) Uh

'Cause I lay this one down right
For the North, East, South, West
Stay on the line so you can follow
I'm going to bring the ruckus
Going to take my No Limit chain off
But not unless I'm in the bed
And it get to hot while I'm fucking

(MasterP:) Uh

Discussed y'all can't touch us, Y'all some busters
If y'all looking for us, we ani't hard to find
You know were we at bitch
Now what bitch

(MasterP:) Soldier

(Silk:) Who I be
A no limit nigga
(Silk:) What I See
How we grow bigger
(Silk:) What a set
The tank around my neck
(Silk:) and what that represent
That represent respect

(MasterP:) Huh respect

A million TRU niggas walking wit gats
We Soldier I told ya, and that's that
Empty bullets arouse from my shells
For every bullet that drop it's a story to tell (damn)
Gotta make sure he ain't breathing no more
He done crossed the fucking deli, time to even the score
See I'm bout to mention a hungry rockweller (Uh)
Entourage full of empoller, we riding dope wit top dollars.
If I ain't the toughest then show me who is?
Tell me where he live, and I guarantee
I'll shoot the shit he did, and more
This TRU blood is running through my veins
I'll seeing this high life has got me addicted to fast life and pain
But what left the game not the vain
Born to be forever rapping or in the dope game
See I done been places, and I done seen things
My whole dream is to be a kingpin, and try to sling 'caine
But see I run through like a track meet
Run dope through this whole street
Ask P, Ask P, tax free on these backstreets
(Ain't that shit illegal?) I hope they caught
Cause murder, homicde, drivebys
And drug deals where blood spil
My glock will tell you (oh yeah Silkk that's real)
I'm a soldier

(Silk:) Who I BE?
(MasterP:) What? Who I be.
(Silk:) Who I BE?
A no limit nigga

(Silk:) Who I Be?
(MasterP:) What?
(Silk:) Who I be?
A no limit nigga

(Silk:) Who I Be?
(MasterP:) A No Limit Nigga
(Silk:) Who I Be?
A No Limit Nigga

(Silk:) Who I be?
(Silk:) Who I BE?
A no limit nigga!

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