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What's Heaven Like

This song is by Silkk The Shocker and appears on the album My World, My Way (2001).

I Don't Know What Heaven Like
But I know what it is to be here
And While I'm here, I'm gonna do whatever it takes to survive
And hope that, when God judge me
He judge me by my heart and not by my actions
Shhh let them know what heaven like.

I really wanna know what's Heaven Like
(Wanna know what's heaven like)
If I closed my eyes, will I see a better life
(Gotta be a better place than this)
Is there no more pain suffering or strife
(I need to know, I need to know)
Lord, please see me cry and tell me what's heavens like
(What's heaven like)

Dear God I wrote you a letter, but I know it's not needed
See I'm cool and all, but could you help out all my people (please)
There are kids dying and starving, I wish somebody would feed em
Nobody playing their part, everybody being greedy
I got letters from jail with my homies tears on it (tears on it)
Put his last years on it
Sometimes I feel haunted
Is Heaven a place like I ain't never been
And is Heaven a place where we don't ever sin
And if there is a Heaven, what answers will find us best
So I can tell my auntee with cancer she can finally rest (rest in peace)
Through it all I'm just trying to remain bein a soldier
I thought I saw you but it was night time
I don't know if I was woke or dreamin' or was I in my right mind
I wonder how many people have questions like mine

Is Heaven for everybody and all of my people
And everybody who left us on earth so we get finally meet em.
I just wanna know why, I be missin' my block
And I wonder what happened to people like Biggie and Pac.
'Cause if there is a Heaven, I'm sure everbody wanna know.
And if there is a place like this, I'm sure everyone wanna go.
I'm tired of struglin and husslin not knowing where to go...
I'm tired of struglin and husslin not knowing what for...

'Cause see this life will get you fed up (fed up)
Picture me telling my mom and dad to keep their head up
Telling them it's gonna be all right, when I knowing it's not
Telling my homie he's gonna be all right, when I knowing he's shot
I wonder what he saw before he died that would leave him shook
And should I believe everything I read in books
God, just gimme some time
If not, gimme a sign (lemme know)

What's Heaven like
There's so many question I wanna ask
But one day ain't enough (for real)
I just wanna help my people out man
Money ain't about nothing
I just want y'all to know how I feel

(Chorus (repeat 3x))

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