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Cry All You Want

This song is by Side Dish and appears on the album Shot in the Arm (2006).

You called me one more time
You want to talk about our life.
You threw him out that night
And thoughts of me now flood your mind.

Just one more chance is all you need
Go on and drive but now you'll see.

The words you say don't mean anything to me.
Enjoy your dream, don't wake to reality.
Three cheers, you've found your reason
Mine's here and won't be leaving.
The words you say, they don't change anything for me.

I've played this moment out
In my head so many times.
Never thought that I
Would be the one to say goodbye.

So glad you're out alive and free.
There's just no room for you in me.

Realize you did this to yourself.
After all this time I owe it to myself.

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