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Until Then

This song is by Side A.

I long for the moment
When I see you again
I long to touch and stroke your long black hair
How my heart longs to show you how much I care

I wait for the chance
To feel your hair so fine
Through this hand of mine
I long just to say
How I love you this way
It's you I adore

Until then
All I have is just a memory of you
That I can hold on to
Until then
All I have is just this luxury of time
To wait and think of you
'Cause you'll be on my mind
Until then

I go on believing
I see you standing there
With the wind blowing through your hair
I know that one day
I'll get you to stay
And together we'll soar

I long for the moment
I long for the time
I'll take all my chances
Until you are mine

Until then...
Until then...
Until then...

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