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This song is by Sick Puppies.

I live with the life that I made
I get from the things that I gain
My arms are outstretched
I hope for the best
And act rich before I get paid

I sold off my soul for these jeans
Wherever I go it's a scene
Everyone's staring as I act not caring
Attention is breathing to me

Ooh, I am the pretender

My confidence pours in this glass
It helps me to hide from my past
Life of the party I know everybody
But no one gets behind this mask

Ooh, I'm the pretender
Ooh, another pretty pretender

I tell her whatever it takes
My truth is as shifting as shapes
I kiss her and hug her and tell her I love her
Then laugh as her tender heart breaks

Ooh, I am the pretender
Ooh, I'm just a pretender

Ooh, I am the pretender
Ooh, I am the pretender

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