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Donkey Pot Pie

This song is by Unknown Artist.


You didn't knock when you entered, baby
You didn't wipe your feet
I didn't see no Open House sign
Is this is a Trick or Trade?

A little help here

You need to brush up on fairy tales, friend
'Cause dragons like their sleep
Go on and grab some shut-eye
I wrote the book on fire-breathing
Why don't you read it and weep, weep?

I'm actually already in a book club
We're reading Angela's Ashes

I'm gonna shake you, I'm gonna bake you
I'm gonna make you a donkey pot pie

Salisbury steak you, I'll frosted flake you
I'll paty-cake you, my donkey pot pie
Yeah, yeah

What a minute
My, what big teeth you have
They're so sparklin' white
I bet you hear this from all of your food
But you much bleach at night

Is that a hint of minty freshness
Oh, I am scared to death
I like a girl with a dazzlin' smile
And tic-tac on her breath

Oh, oh, oh
Don't kill me, lady with the pretty teeth

I'm gonna love you
And take hold of you
Slow down, baby
I'll velvet glove you
Velvet glove me?
My donkey pot pie

I'm gonna keep you
Little, Little Bo Peep you
I'm gonna sweep you
Up into the sky

I'm gonna squeeze you
I'm gonna tease you
I'm gonna please you
I'm gonna have me a big ol' honkin'
Sloppy, gloppy, cherry on the toppy
Piece of donkey pot pie

Donkey, donkey, hey
Donkey pot pie


Written by:

David Lindsay-Abaire; Jeanine Tesori

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