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Trouble Man

This song is by Sho Baraka.

(Willie D)
Yeah, this goes out to all you humps out there
That think you are better cause you got the cashmere sweater
Stop look and listen
Pay close attention
While my road dog Sho tell ya how it G-O

Lord have mercy, anotha day anotha dollar
So many bills and problems, it make me want to holla
But thinkin' 'bout the easy way out
Puttin' a gun in my hand, let my brains hang out
But then I'd leave my mama with the bills to pay
And that's suicide, I'll go to hell anyway
Life ain't gettin' no cheaper
And every single day I'm fallin' deeper and deeper
Been thinkin' about a jack
But it ain't enough for the rent
Plus my family is starvin, black
You see I'm runnin' outta options
And every single day there's somethin' new to stop me
And how I'm gonna face my family, dude
When they countin' on me to bring home the food
The future don't bring no hope
I been worried about my bills
I ain't have time to vote
And if I did Mr.President wouldn't understand
Life in the ghetto
I'm the trouble man

(Willie D)
What ya know about the trouble man
You ain't never struggled so how can you understand
Got your big car and your big house and your big money
So you lookin' at the trouble man funny
He's gettin' dissed by society
When all he's doin' is tryin' to make ends meet
So when you see the trouble man don't frown
'Cause what goes around comes around

Come take a trip to the hood
Everybody knows I'm up to no good
Tryin' to make them licks so I can pay them woods
Don't live my life on the rose
The only come up was to slang a lil' dope
But now I'm standin at the pen, G
They tryna lock me up
Cause Uncle Sam couldn't tax me
My bills are due yesterday
And to make it worse I got a little baby on the way
But who really cares about my songs
I won't have lights if I'm broke when I come home
Been starrin' life's mirror for directions
But I'm so broke I don't cast the reflection
Times are gettin' so tough
If I had a few bucks I'd buy a 1/5 and a ice cup
And hang on the cuts with the rest of my friends with no plans
I'm the trouble man

I'm just the trouble man
I'm just the trouble man
Lord knows I'm doin' the very very very best I can

Sometimes I don't want to see the next day
God knows a brother shouldna live this way
But I ain't the type that's sittin' in the crib and chill
Sittin' on my ass ain't gon pay my life bill
I'd rather be locked up for tryin' than sittin' in my crib
With no food watchin mama cryin
I'm always gonna do my part
Straight outta South Park where the hustlers got heart
Just beein black is a punch in the stomach
But beein black with no money is like my mind playin' tricks on me
Everyday I'm out there duckin and divin
If you ain't livin' how you want to
Then you just survive
Everybody think they got the plan
But everywhere I go I see another trouble man
So on the dope game they wishin and hopin
But you got just as many slangin as you got out there smokin'
So I'm on to a new thang
Rap music
The brand new dope game

I'm the trouble

I'm the trouble

I'm the trouble

I'm the trouble


Written by:

Marvin P Gaye

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