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Me, Myself, and I

This song is by Sho Baraka and appears on the album Lions & Liars (2010).

The eyes of man are never satisfied
I want it I want it I gotta have it gotta have it
I'm just talking right now 'cause I like to hear myself talk
That's part of my issue
I know and I admit it
What's yours?

Yeah. Ok. This is bad, something close tragic
I'm trying to beat it just like Michael Jackson
My flesh seeks for satisfaction
Spirit reigns, titans start clashing
I got people thinking I'm confused
But I'm not, well maybe a little what am I to do
It takes years- for man to build a name
One selfish moment-turns it all to shame
I work hard- just for them to envy me
But in the end I'm not who I pretend to be
Lord help, this could be the end of me
What do I do when I sleeping with the enemy
Yeah he's slick he's smooth
I don't really trust him with ladies in the room
He's selfish he's scarred so many lives
Look in his eyes, can't wait for his demise

You're a lie, you're a jerk, you're a creep
So prideful, arrogant and weak
Lord help this might be the end of me
What do I do when I'm sleeping with the enemy
I run from, run from (Me myself and I)
I love some, love some (Me myself and I)
Run from, run from (Me myself and I)
Run from, run from (Me myself and I)
Run from, run from (Me myself and I)

I can't run I can't hide
I try to kill him he won't die
I've studied too much of what the vultures do
Trying not to reproduce what the culture do
I'm a grown man I ain't gotta prove I'M COOL
But first what's the price of those louis shoes
That would look so nice with some glowing jewels
Hold up do you see what I be going through
Yeah he gives manna for the day
Contentment on my face, but then I see my neighbors plates
He got a new job, and a new crib
Candy painted, cool whip
Say homie, I don't need it 'cause my friends bought it
No, I'll take it if my friends got it
I know its sad, death by fashion
Makes sure its brand name when you toe tag him

Oh my situation is deep
Always trying to create a person I can't be
We go in debt just to buy
Stuff to impress people that we don't like
I'm at war now, But I mma go home
Until he touch down we have some field goals
I gotta clique I gotta team
Share my weakness, that authentic thing
Know the Lords grace not my own might
Man can't have everything in man's sight
I know Sho and his tendencies
That joker just might be the end of me

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