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I See The Lord (Remix)

This song is by Sho Baraka and appears on the album Lions & Liars (2010).

(Chorus - Quiana Fields)
Holy is the Lord

(Verse 1 - Sho Baraka)
Cast down my crown to worship you in spirit and truth
As I see you on the throne I see your train fills the roof
I'm on bended knees, hands extended, closed eyes
Holy holy holy is Lord the Most High
Woe is me, I'm a man with unclean lips
And I live amongst a people who's on the same trip
Then a seraph flew to me with coal in his hands
He touched me on my lip, said I was a brand new man
As the foundation shook, he's askin' "Who shall I send?"
I said "send me Lord, I'll commit to faithful men"
Sometimes Lord, I feel like I don't give you enough
To count a pure joy to persevere when times get tough
So I keep a heart's devotion that's fixed on you
I keep my eyes on the cross so I can have the right view
I'm in awe of you, how you measured the earth with your hand
And yet still you wanna be friends with such an unclean man
So like John I fall prostrate on this island of life
I worship you, recognizing you are power and might
Glory and light, eternal in sight, blameless and right
Creator of life, thief in the night, Jesus the Christ

(Verse 2 - Sho Baraka)
You gave us a tongue, we use it for lies
You gave us a heart, we fill it with pride
You gave us our minds, we use it for lust
You made us for one, we're doin' too much
Satan's plan was to bring a schism, to bring division
Between God and us, we want the Lord's position
We hate the architect, we want what you drew up
You give us enough, we want something newer
Despite Adam, you created a plan
To bring the holiest of kings through the lineage of man
The flood came just to judge wicked hearts
And there's a second flood and Jesus is the Ark
You can wait around and you can bore now
But when his rain comes down, the world will drown
You're perfect, you're just, you're love and you're great
You're holy, what a peace it is to know that God chose me

(Verse 3 - Sho Baraka)
The sun suspends in the air, I can feel your winds everywhere
You care till the grains of my hair
Divine works all around me, I can't get past the evidence
The fact that you're invisible to me is irrelevant
I know he's heaven sent straight to the virgin birth
Gave me a second chance even after man's curse
A third, a fourth, a fifth and a sixth
You wore my crown of thorns, you took my licks
As they spit in your face, off the cross a sinner you embraced
Now I understand what's the meaning of grace
I war against the flesh, can't wait till the day that you come
'Cause every day I'm rewriting Psalm 51
From the weak to the dumb, you make us shine like pearls
Got a new engagement, broke up with that girl named World
The relationship wasn't fruitful, we were Satan's pupils
He told us you was an unfair God, we believed those lies
We know the truth now, you've been fair since creation
Man fell and then you gave man emancipation
I know the saying "one sin can make man fall"
But with one drop of blood you can save us all
I'm a living sacrifice, I lay my life up on the altar
And pray to have faith to not forsake you as a martyr
I have a desire, that's to know you more
I have no choice to live holy, 'cause I see the Lord

(Hook - Quiana Fields)
He's holy, he's holy, he's holy, he's holy
He's holy, he's holy, he's holy, he's holy
I see the Lord, I see the Lord

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