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Half Of Me

This song is by Sho Baraka, features McKendree Augustas and Muche and appears on the album Lions & Liars (2010).

Half of me just walked away
And the other half is trying not to stay
Help me see the hope that's past the rain
Restore the joy within me and
Speak to me through the pain

This kind of news would make a grown man cry
The kind of man who knows the answers but he still asks why
Why are you down cast oh my soul
My team expects so much from me, I can't let them know
That I'm not finding joy and my faith's dying slow
I gotta go on preaching I gotta go on with the show
Gotta grace the stage, I gotta make the crowd say oh
Only problem is I'm not believing in the words I flow
So I look to sky I know the hour has come
Please remove this thorn from me 'cause my soul feels numb
I got these liars in my head asking where my faiths gone
I don't feel happy and I don't even care to fake for them
They think me showing pain is the denial of Christ
Because my tears up in my food all day and night
Half of me hopes in the Lord and knows I'll praise again
The other half wants an excuse to wallow in my sin
They say count it all joy, I got questions about how
There's answers after death but I need answers right now
I know this to shall pass, whether slow or fast
Loosen my grip on the world and for you I grasp (2x)

He feels he fled temptation to long, so He's tried of fighting
He no longer finds his marriage exciting
She's drowning in depression in the rain
She can't maintain, Lord can you help her ease the pain
A father gets news that his newborn son has complications
He has no idea what he's faced with
He thinks no prom, no college, no athletic fun
No matter his disabilities I'm not ashamed of my son
Lord I pray with all my heart that when his life on earth is done
He'll understand that you and the son are one
One families prays together for financial needs
Father feels inadequate 'cause he ain't worked in weeks
He been laid off he may loose his car and home
He thinks what good is a man who can't provide for his own
He sees the pain in wife and children's eyes
Contemplating suicide 'cause dead men don't cry
Lord give him eyes to see past the pain
That his value in life, shouldn't come with things
I know this to shall pass, whether slow or fast
They are losing their grip I hope for you they grasp (2x)

I won't let this current pain master me
What is pain actually
Lets not address it causally but I don't want to fear pain
Lets count it all joy its is gain
Dear life is in my palms and I'm holding on
Strength is an illusion right along with this calm that I'm on and I'm feeling far gone-
Cause half of me is hoping that my eyes won't open in morn'
Sorrow is my tongue hear my moans
I'm eager for redemption but I know
There's more than meets the eye to the thorns in my side
So I cry refusing all the lies
Pain is my ally when aligned to who you are
There's more to my scars so I know there's more to yours
I'm resting in your arms
I'm resting in the your wrists
I'm pressing with a limp pain is purposed through your gift
I'm strengthening my grip may this faith in you persist
And when this half insists I pray you breathe in me lament
Amazing is your grace cause while I'm holding you it seems
The truth of the matter is your really holding me

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