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Forgive Me Santa

This song is by Shirley Caesar and appears on the album Christmasing (1986).

This song is a cover of "Forgive Me Santa" by Jimmie Davis.
Jonesboro, Louisiana, December the 25th

Dear Santa Claus,

Sure thank you for all of the gifts.
After I thought it over, Santa, I decided to write
And thank you for all of the toys and especially the bike.
My little brother John and my sister Sue and my Mom and my Dad
Well, they said to tell you thank you too.

Before I close, Santa, there's something else I want to say.
Now, please don't get mad at me because I gave my toys away.
You know, my friend Jerry who lives across the railroad track,
He doesn't even have a mom or a dad, just a little brother Jack.
I went to see them, I went over there to see them today,
And Santa, I never saw such a brokenhearted boy until I saw them that way.
Jerry cried and he said he didn't understand.
You must have didn't have enough toys to go around.
You must have just run out of toys on his side of town.

I divided all of my toys, Santa, except my bike.
I told him, that you made a mistake.
You left them at my house last night.
I told him, you thought, that they had spent the night with me,
And you left a note that their toys were under my Christmas tree.

Now, Santa, I know it's wrong to tell a lie,
But you know, they're my best friends
And I just couldn't stand to see them cry.
And I asked my Mom and I asked my Dad
And they said, whatever I wanted to do.
They said you'd forgive me and they'd pray for God to forgive me too.

When you come back again, Santa, when you come back the next time
And you see, that you're running short,
Put my name on the bottom line.
And I know that this is a big ol' world, Santa
And somebody is always gonna be blue.
I just want you to know that I still love you,
And Jerry and Jack, they love you too.

I felt awfully bad when I started to write you this letter,
But now, now since I've finished, Santa, I feel a whole lot better.
A whole lot better.
I love you Santa.

Good night
Merry Christmas


Written by:

Jimmie Davis, Charles King

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