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This song is by Shirley Bassey and appears on the album Never, Never, Never (1973) and on the compilation album Bassey: The EMI/UA Years 1959-1979 (1994).

You are what you are
It was, what it was
The world didn't end
The world never does
I wake up alive
From habit I guess
Yes, I can survive, one love more or less
And sometime, somewhere, somehow
I laugh all my laughter
I've cried my tears now
I want my years now
My years
I've nowhere to go
That I have to be
There's no one I know
Who's waiting for me
There's so much inside
I still have to give
So much to be tried
A life time to live
And sometime, somewhere, somehow
I'll have my tomorrow
Today won't stop me
No way to stop me
Not now
The world still holds me
I want what's due now
If not with you now
Then someone, sometime, somehow

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