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Put Me in the Freezer

This song is by Shawty Lo.

Put me in the freezer 'cause I'm so icy (2)
Put me in the freezer, put me put me in the freezer, p-p-put me in the freezer 'cause I'm so icy (repeat)

Verse 1 (Baby D):
Its baby D, Gucci shawty low we gotta be a hit
I walk up in the club chain hangin' to my dick
I know that I'm the shit, so haters start talkin' down on me
Keep a full pound on me so keep 'em down homie
'Bout a half a mill on me look at my wrist
The whole interstar don't shine like this
Bitch I'm rich gotta in glu watch
Put me in the freezer, 'cause I'm so hott
I'm so icy from my head to my feet
That I don't ride, I glide down the streets
These chains ain't cheap, these frames ain't cheap
If you ain't talkin' bout money shawty then don't speak
Put me in the freezer right next to the beef
My chain 56s grams to oz's
Take them shades down then you can clearly see
That errybody in the A icy like me


Verse 2 (Gucci):
Itz the opposite of baller hi dawg its real cold
The opposite of big clay cousins will dro
Where the price high, Gucci price low
Chain hang low 'cause Gucci said so
If a hater see my chain then you know he wanna fight me
Firss still change the party dawg alwayz bring 'em to the light
Oh no Gucci mane, bout ta (?)
Wit the blue 'n' white chain it could change the whole world
Ima ice yo see the light show
Club night club right Gucci shawty hello bright
Grey stones red stones yellow lights bigger is so bright
I could use it as a flashlight
So icy ima bout to fall


Verse 3 (Shawty-Lo):
Yeah I'm so hott, but still so cool
I keep the heater on me 'cause I rock dem cool
Wit dem ice cubes?
Shawty thts wuts hannin
Yeah rondaa whispered I'm the o-straight jackson
Ima walkin' freezer, ice straight carried
Ima walk easier, I'm not average
Baby on my wrist sayin' he so flashy
And they glued together like front street and (?)
Yeah... the press don't matter
I keep that fave heater
I could spend a lot of cheddar
When you get money, you can do whatever
Slashes on my face I can see a little better


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