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Album by Shaggy.
  1. Can't Hold Me
  2. Bonafide Girl (featuring Rikrok and Tony Gold)
  3. Intoxication
  4. Those Days (featuring Na'sha)
  5. More Woman
  6. Woman Scorn
  7. Mad Mad World
  8. Out of Control (featuring Rayvon)
  9. Church Heathen
  10. Wear di Crown
  11. Criteria
  12. Body a Shake
  13. What's Love (featuring Akon)
  14. Holla at You
  15. All About Love
  16. Feel the Rush (Re-release bonus track)
  17. Reggae Vibes (Re-release and Japanese bonus track)
  18. It Wasn't Me (Re-release bonus track)
  19. What's Love (Big Boom Mix) (featuring Akon) (Re-release bonus track)
  20. Wrong Move (US iTunes, European, and Japanese bonus track)
  21. Who a Wear di Jacket (US iTunes bonus track)

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