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Album by Shaggy.
  1. Hot Shot
  2. Lonely Lover (featuring Prof. T)
  3. Dance & Shout (featuring Pee Wee)
  4. Leave It to Me
  5. Angel (featuring Rayvon)
  6. Hope (featuring Mister Mydas)
  7. Keep'n It Real
  8. Luv Me, Luv Me (featuring Samantha Cole)
  9. Freaky Girl (featuring The Kraft)
  10. It Wasn't Me (featuring Rikrok)
  11. Not Fair (featuring Rude)
  12. Hey Love
  13. Why Me Lord?
  14. Chica Bonita (featuring Rikrok)
  15. Joy You Bring (featuring Brian And Tony Gold) (UK Special Edition track)
  16. Why You Mad at Me? (UK Special Edition track)

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