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Lemonade Stand

This song is by Ron Sexsmith and Don Kerr and appears on the album Destination Unknown (2005).

There's something about a lemonade stand
That stands for all that's good
In this makeshift world of man
In his cardboard neighbourhoods

Where young enterprising minds are trying
To earn some nickels and dimes in summer time
Well, ain't life grand?
It's just one big, one big lemonade stand

There's something about a lemonade stand
That stands the test of time
Just like an old tree house abandoned
Where rungs are left behind

For one who longs to climb and find
A secret place to hide and hold back the tide
From boyhood to man
It's a bittersweet song, the song of a lemonade stand

Two serious boys squinting into the sun
I'll be on my way, you've got your business to run
And I got mine

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