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Moon Magick

This song is by Sentenced and appears on the album Amok (1995).

Look into the night...
Look unto the sky...
Face Her nightly shape...
Feel Her chilling cold - Mother Moon is full!

Her face of agony
Her dismal morbid gleam
A shape so desperate - the Moon is full
Reminding us of pain
Reminding us of fear
She's guiding in the night - Her children

Ah! the Moon is full

Behind that ghostly veil She hides that ghostly shape
Her light is guiding us - Her children (as wander in the mist)

Ah! the Moon is full!

Reminding us of pain
Reminding us of fear
She's watching in the dark - Her children
Find Her dismal light
Adopt Her facial form
Breed the spawn of night
Become one with the Moon

Dismal agony, distant misery
I'm drowning in Her eyes and the Moon is full!


Music by:

Taneli Jarva, Miika Tenkula, Sami Lopakka & Vesa Ranta

Lyrics by:

Taneli Jarva

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