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Blues Before Sunrise (1960)

Scrapper Blackwell - Blues Before Sunrise

Blues Before Sunrise

  • (as Francis "Scrapper" Blackwell)
  1. Blues Before Sunrise
  2. Alley Sally Blues
  3. Shady Lane Blues
  4. E Blues
  5. Goin' to Jail About Her
  6. Soft Blues
  7. No Good Woman Blues
  8. Leaving You Blues
  9. Blue 'n Whistling
  10. Back Step Blues
  11. How Long Blues

Mr. Scrapper's Blues (1962)

Scrapper Blackwell - Mr. Scrapper's Blues

Mr. Scrapper's Blues

  1. Goin' Where the Monon Crosses the Yellow Dog
  2. Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out
  3. "A" Blues
  4. Little Girl Blues
  5. George Street Blues
  6. Blues Before Sunrise
  7. Little Boy Blues
  8. "E" Blues
  9. Shady Lane
  10. Penal Farm Blues

Volume 1: 1928-1932 (1992)

Scrapper Blackwell - Volume 1- 1928-1932

Volume 1: 1928-1932

  1. Kokomo Blues
  2. Penal Farm Blues
  3. Mr. Scrapper's Blues
  4. Down and Out Blues
  5. Trouble Blues, Part 1
  6. Trouble Blues, Part 2
  7. Non-Skid Tread (featuring The Two Roys and Bertha "Chippie" Hill)
  8. Be-Da-Da-Bum
  9. Springtime Blues
  10. Rocky Luck Blues by Teddy Moss
  11. Mean Baby Blues by Robinson's Knights Of Rest
  12. Rambling Blues
  13. Blues Day Blues
  14. Down South Blues
  15. Sneaking Blues
  16. Hard Time Blues
  17. Back Door Blues
  18. Down in Black Bottom by Black Bottom McPhail
  19. My Dream Blues by Black Bottom McPhail
  20. Whiskey Man Blues by Black Bottom McPhail
  21. Mix That Thing by Black Bottom McPhail

Volume 2: 1934-1958 (1992)

Scrapper Blackwell - Volume 2- 1934-1958

Volume 2: 1934-1958

  1. Morning Mail Blues (as Frances Blackwell)
  2. Blues That Make Me Cry (as Frances Blackwell)
  3. Mean Mistreatin' Mama by Pinewood Tom And His Blue Hounds
  4. She's Alright With Me by Pinewood Tom And His Blue Hounds
  5. D Blues
  6. A Blues
  7. My Old Pal Blues (Dedicated to the Memory of Leroy Carr) (as Frankie Black)
  8. Bad Liquor Blues (as Frankie Black)
  9. Alley Sally Blues (as Frankie Black)
  10. No Good Woman Blues (as Frankie Black)
  11. The Death of Leroy Carr by Bumble Bee Slim
  12. Smoky Mountain Blues by Bumble Bee Slim
  13. Motherless Boy Blues
  14. Wayback Blues
  15. Texas Stomp
  16. Sail on Sail on Blues by Bumble Bee Slim
  17. Hey Lawdy Mama by Bumble Bee Slim
  18. Little Girl Blues
  19. Life of a Millionaire
  20. Little Boy Blue
  21. Blues

Songs on Compilations

Other Songs

  1. 'Bama Bound

Additional information

Artist information:

  • b.1903, d.1962
  • Instruments: Vocals, guitar

Real name:

Scrapper Blackwell is a performance name for Francis Hillman Blackwell.

Also known as:

BlackwellFrancis "Scrapper" BlackwellFrancis BlackwellFrankie BlackS. BlackwellScrapper Blackwell

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