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Tear Stained Eyes (2004)

Scott Underwood - Tear Stained Eyes

Tear Stained Eyes

  1. Be Still
  2. I Am Free
  3. Marvelous Grace
  4. Your Mercy
  5. You Need God
  6. The Good Lord's Ways
  7. You Watch Over Me
  8. Nothing I Can Do
  9. No One But You
  10. Promises Are Fulfilled
  11. I'm Forever Yours

Take My Life (2005)

Scott Underwood - Take My Life

Take My Life

  1. Stand Back
  2. Greater Grace
  3. You Are In Control
  4. Unspoken Truth
  5. Lord You Never Promised
  6. What A Friend
  7. New Every Morning
  8. You Are God
  9. Nothing Is As Wonderful
  10. You Bless Me Lord
  11. Take My Life
  12. It's All About Jesus

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