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This song is by Scorpion Child and appears on the album Scorpion Child (2013).

I've been aching lately, baby
To see you again, and lose another friend
Over drinking, baby
I'm thinking I'll be with you again

I used to think that my life would end hungover
A nauseating way to say goodbye
Autumn eye come and shift the winter see-saw
Dark high I can't side with any other lifestyle

C'mon now!
Remember every day
It never went away

I been burning the candle at both ends sober
With an over-intoxicated mind
Lend me just one reason to live life solo
Oh no, I can't side without you in my lifetime

Dope sick in a town of four-leaf clover
And now it's over, a fight I lose no more
Rest my head in a better place I call home
Up high I can't side without you in my lifeline

Sat right down beside me
And saw my fortune inside a dream

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